Ear aches and Coffee breaks

This year has already gone so quick and we have not had the best time with the old coughs and colds. Both my daughters have suffered with ear aches bless them the last few days from a cold to getting another cold…its never ending. However that hasn’t stopped us enjoying the half term holidays…



We started off the half term week with a swimming party luckily I didn’t have to go in as I’m not the best swimmer so Hubby to the rescue and took the girls in. The girls really enjoyed this party, they spent a lovely couple of hours having fun splashing in the pool while the wave machine was going with their friends. After they had some great food and fell asleep on the way home.

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January Favourites

My favourites for the month of January..

The Sims – My daughter got this for Christmas this year (Santa did good this year! Best Christmas ever quoted by my daughter) I may bit a little obsessed and secretly play this game when I’ve put my girls to sleep..sssshh!!

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Happy New Year everybody, hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year spending time with loved ones. First blog for 2018!

2017 was one of the most amazing years so I don’t know how we can top it off this year. Last year we started off the year visiting Cumbria and staying in a little Static Caravan I found an excellent deal on Groupon for 3 night stay for £119. What a Bargain we was really impressed such a lovely place to stay. We Loved visiting Cumbria would highly recommend it was just a lovely place to get away as a family, go on some lovely walks and take time away from everyday life and just relax. I would recommend looking on Groupon for some great holiday deals or days out,  we are hoping to book a little break away this year.


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December Favourites

These are my favourites for the best month of the year!


Christmas Bedding – Asda Bedding is the best I just purchased these that have lovely Christmas trees , candy canes all things Christmassy. Just love it!


Decorating the Tree –   Decorating the tree is one of the most magical parts of Christmas, we decorate it together, we have collected a lot of ornaments over the years. Our most recent one is our new Florida Christmas decoration I love it and It will bring back so much memories of our florida trip.


Christmas Treats – You have to have some lovely treats for Christmas time our favs are Roses, Celebrations, Mini heros, and matchmakers. Its nice to over indulge on these while watcvhing the queens speech or to keep you going as you are building the lego toys!

 Lego – I love building Lego with the girls it’s there favourite little hobby, we always gather all the boxes of Lego together and get creative! This year was the year of Elves Lego we was lucky enough to get a new dragon for christmas, however we are unable to complete the set as two of the dragons have been discontinued. What’s going on Lego! 

Vlogmas – I love watching Vlogmas from the likes of Zoella, Katie Ellison, Brummy mummy of 2 and Pointless Blog.

Christmas Films – We start watching Christmas films from the 1st sometimes we have a Movie Friday night our favourites are Home Alone, The Grinch, Polar Express and Christmas National Lampoon.

Books – Got to love a good book, we love reading and I especially love reading to my girls. We have been reading all the lovely Christmassy books The night before Christmas, Christmas Carol, The Christmasaurus and many more..

Nativity/Christmas Carols – Got to love this time of year not only does all the Christmas songs make you so happy but I also get to watch my girls take part in this great tradition.



Gotta love a Mince Pie…

Love Christmas and I love a good mince pie. Not the shop brought ones, nothing is greater than making your own and getting all the family involved.

Here is my go to recipe for Mince Pies –
Ingredients – 

100g cold butter

170g Plain Flour (sifted)

280g Mincemeat

1 Medium Egg

Icing Sugar to dust

Method –

To Make the yummy pastry measure out the butter and dice up into small cubes, rub into flour until crumble mixture. Then add sugar, Egg and a little water a bit at a time if needed until it combines into a ball. Divide into two halves. Leave the other halve wrapped in cling film for 20 mins.

Meanwhile Roll out the half of the pastry and place into tray then chill in fridge.

Take the other halve of pastry wrapped in cling film roll out to make lids be creative as you would like,  we made stars, stockings, trees  just go crazy.

Once we have made the lids take the pastry bases out the fridge then fill with mincemeat and place lids on top.

Brush with the top wth egg.

Bake in oven 180c for 15 to 20 mins until golden brown..

Enjoy your mince pie. I love mine warm with a cup of tea. 

Don’t forget to leave one for Santa and enjoy Christmas with all your loved ones. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! 




So Christmas eve is almost upon us, only one more sleep to go for Christmas day. I love this time of year to spend quality time with the family. I am very Christmassy so every year we put our tree and decorations on the 1st of December and we leave it up until new years eve. Every year we have a few traditions some old ones and some new. Here are a few of ours.

Every morning I create a Christmas Eve Box for my two daughters and fill them with some goodies preparing them for the magic of Christmas eve night. Here is a few examples I have added to the box over the years-

The Box – These you can make yourself or I brought mine from homesense a few years ago. There are some great ideas on Hobbycraft for some DIY ones.

New Pyjamas – Essential for the cosy evening nothing beats a new pair of Christmassy Pyjamas.

Comfy Socks – Again for the comfort factor, keep those little toes warm.

A Mug – This doesn’t have to be new one every year I usually put there same mug in and fill with a sachet of hot chocolate, Mini Marshmallows.

Mini Treat – One treat you can choose anything your child likes like Chocolate Coins, Chocolate lollipop, Jelly Beans, Smarties, there favourite treat.

Colouring/Activity Book – These are very good to keep them busy for a few mins during the day and you can pick these up from anywhere they have some in poundshop too or check them out on Amazon.

Film – Any new Christmassy film or even an old one you have aroundit might be there favourite film they want to watch that evening or a new one that they are waiting to watch but haven’t seen yet.

Christmas Book –  I buy them a new book every year this year I have purchased two for each of them. Rudeys Windy Christmas and a special pop up edition of The Night Before Christmas. My daughter loved The Jolly Christmas postman book I purchased last year so I brought the original one this year.

There are lots of inspirational post on Pinterest for some more great Christmas Eve Box ideas and also on YouTube to create your own.

To find this Christmas Eve box I create a treasure Hunt I  leave a little clue in their advent calendar on day 24 that leads to another note and another until it leads to the Christmas Eve Box Surprise. They love this and have enjoyed it every year I’m hoping they will still do this when they are in their 30s! Its a lot of fun.

Late afternoon we go to the mother in laws where the all the family get together by the fire chatting, drinking mulled wine, eating nibbles, and chatting about Christmas memories. In the meantime all the children play, dress up in their best party outfit, open and swap presents.

When we get back home we have some more snacks and a glass of milk while snuggling on the sofa to watch a Christmas Film. Then of course we put our stocking out and put a mince pie, Carrot, some milk and even a chocolate coin.
I will usually read a Christmas book before Bed Our fav for two years running is The Christmasaurus the girls love it. This year its even more better with the musical edition they are already learning the songs and have been singing them everyday since I purchased this books.

Hopefully after a busy day they can get to sleep as they are super excited at this point for Christmas Day and hopefully get some sleep before santa delivers all those presents.






Day 4 & 5 – Magic Kingdom

Today is the day we finally get to go to the Magic Kingdom Park, I have heard so much about this park and I have high hopes. It is the main park of all the parks so it’s the one I am most excited about.

There was so much to see we went on the Small world which was lovely and calm ride but this wasn’t the girls favourite. We really enjoyed the Peter Pan Flight which had quite a long queue about 65 waiting time but we had a fast pass so didn’t have to wait too longIMG_20171017_143844066

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My October/November Favourites

My Top favourites for the month of October/November-


Disney – In October we was very busy as we went away for 10 days to Disney Florida so obviously this made our monthly favourites, check out my day-to-day blog of our trip so far. It is the most magical place on earth. This was our first family trip aborad and our best holiday we have ever had as a family. We enjoyed everyday and we are desperate to go back fingers crossed we can go back in a couple of years.


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Day 3 Animal Kingdom

Today we are off to Animal Kingdom we hopped on the bus to this park which again wasn’t that far away probably about 10-15mins away. I had a number of fast passes planned for today. I had the Na’vi River Journey, Kilmanjaro Safari, and the Dinosaur booked but when we went to our time slot for Kilmanjaro they was a huge queue that went on forever just for the fast pass line, so we decided not to wait there. Luckily I have the Safari booked for another day so we have another opportunity to go. When we arrived the first thing you see is the Tree of Life and it is amazing.

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Day 2 – Hollywood studios

After a really good sleep we woke up super early, whether it was because we was still in England time or we was just very very excited. After we all got dressed we was ready to explore. I made a little itinerary of things we would be doing every day throughout the holiday. So today we was off to our first park Hollywood Studios. We took the bus from our hotel this was fantastic buses was arriving every 20mins to all the parks including Disney springs. We hopped on the bus and arrived to Hollywood studios within 10mins. We even arrived before the park opened we was that early. As we went in we swiped our Disney bands to access the park these was fantastic well worth getting if you ever go to Disney. It was a very hot day but we didn’t find the park v busy at all. We went to a little cafe to have a nice snack to eat for breakfast. We all had a chocolate croissant and coffees and chocolate milk. We sat outside to eat and enjoyed the sunshine. I’m not going to lie but the Disney plan was kind of overwhelming at first. I read up a little about the dining plan before we left I learnt about snacks etc but was kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing. We did work it out ok and was super happy a Starbucks coffee was equal to a snack! We had a look around and went on the Toy story ride which was amazing and the star wars rides.

We went past the tower of terror but we didn’t go on it not today on our first day! We met our first character today which was Pluto the girls absolutely loved meeting him they got a lovely picture (Disney Photopass) and an autograph.


They was very excited to see what more character autograph’s they could get throughout this holiday.  We then went for a quick dine meal at the Backlot Express had a hotdog fries and chicken nuggets to share. There was a lot to eat we could hardly eat it all they don’t give you tiny portions in America, you definitely get your moneys worth. I thought Hollywood Studios would be my least favourite park but in fact I was pleasantly surprised as it probably in my top three now. We had lots of lovely photos taken all around the park and all these was uploaded to my Disney App throughout the day. I definitely recommend the app as it was a useful tool to see all your fast passes for the day, if you booked any Restaurants, viewing photos which was uploaded instantly and the maps for each park which showed everything you need. Out of all the things we did that day Toy story was our favourite ride and Indian Jones was a brilliant show to watch with lots of action and explosions.

After a busy half day at this park we decided to go back to the resort and have a swim in the Fantasia Swimming pool to cool down. We had a table service meal book for 6pm in the evening at hollywood Studios so we made our way back to the park .  We went to Prime Cafe which is a 50s style café, the staff was very friendly and funny they was making our girls laugh our waitress was in full character 50s mode kept reminding us of our table manners saying “KEEP YOUR ELBOWS OFF THE TABLE”!. It was so much fun and we all embraced it our girls even tried to hide under the table a few times. Our Dinner was yummy lots of it and the milkshakes that we split with the children was so yummy, with fresh strawberries and so thick.

After our tummies was full we walked around the park which was now all lit up and decided to go on the TOWER OF TERROR in the dark!. Oh yes we did, we heard so much about it but we had to give it a go to see what it was like for ourselves. So we strapped ourselves in and oh my god it what terrifying I felt like I was going to hit the ceiling. All us did not like that ride one bit! Glad we did it but never again. After we got over the ride and stopped shaking we headed home. We had a wonderful time at Hollywood studio such a jam packed day of fun but was very tired and ready for some sleep.