Fantastic Beasts

Over the holidays we had many days out but I must say this was one of the best and that’s why I wanted to blog about it and share our experience. I seen this event on Facebook in August and thought this would be a great experience for the kids to have a fun day with her friends as well as learning about different kinds of creatures. This was the third event they have held over the summer and i was recommended this by one of my mummy friends. I was so glad we was able to book as places went very fast and I could see why as this was a great educational event for children of all ages.


The fantastic Beasts Workshop are run by Icarus Falconry who provide the very best Bird of Prey experiences, demonstrations and displays. They are a family run business situated in the beautiful stunning grounds of Holdenby House Estate in Northamptonshire since 2002.


When we arrived we met up with our friends at the beautiful Holdenby house and booked in with the lovely man called Tom who runs these events. We all could have a look round at all the wonderful birds while we was waiting for everyone to arrive. We had a closer look at Falcons, Eagles, Owls, Hawks and Vultures. As soon as everyone arrived the staff all introduced themselves and welcomed us to the Fantastic beasts event they showed us some feathers and did a little talk about some of the birds of prey.




We was then split into two groups we was chosen to see the wonderful birds first. We was taken through the magnificent gardens until we stopped at an open area with a little burrowing hole and wooden pole. Here we was introduced to a little burrowing owl called Pedro.

1060701(1)They let him roam around and the two ladies let each child call the bird over with some food. Pedro is well-trained! Aww we love Pedro.  All of the children’s faces lit up they have never seen an owl so well trained before.


1060738-e1505642468983.jpgNext we was taken to another field and watched another magnificent bird fly around and this one was a lot bigger! This one was a spectacled Owl Called Specks. Again all the children had the chance to call over Specks enticing him with food. My girls enjoyed this as they handled a bigger owl.

1060786106076110607711060783Next we walked back through Holdenby House grounds which was absolutely stunning by the way.  Even though we live quite local this was the first time we have ever been to Holdenby house.



We was then swapped with the other group and we was introduced to another lovely young man called Dave who was passionate about creepy crawlies.  This guy kept the children entertained and made them laugh every few mins. My girls and their friends loved this talk.  My eldest daughter loves collecting insects from the garden all the time but this time they was so much bigger! At one point I think she was so engrossed at looking at all the creatures and at how big they were she forgotten what question Dave had asked her. Also my friend felt very brave and held a snake for the first time even though she is petrified of snakes, she was so brave bless her. We seen many creatures such as slow worm, Snakes, Giant snails, The cutest Hedgehog, Rats, Leeches to name but a few.




Then for the finale we was met by Tom who introduced us to Leonardo the Peregrine Falcon.


1060880He was wearing a little hood to keep him calm and at ease. Then Tom took his hood off slowly so he wasn’t startled by the bright sunshine, then he was off flying through the sky. Leonardo was so fast I couldn’t keep up with him. Tom swung this Lure around which is a leather pad with piece of food attached that Leonardo can chase as he soars through the sky at great speed. Incredible to watch and amazing to see what a beautiful bird a peregrine Falcon is so up close. 1060888(0)


We have learnt such alot from Icarusfalconry workshop, I would definitely recommend this experience to other friends and would book again. Thank you to all the incredible staff who was so welcoming, we have had a thoroughly enjoyable day check them out on Facebook, Twitter and you can find their website here.














My August Favourites

Time for my Monthly favourites blog for August, I had so many favourites this month I had to narrow my choices down to these 5 awesome favourites, Enjoy!


Arts & Crafts – Me and my girls love our arts and crafts, it’s just a fun time to get messy and let my girls be creative. Sometimes it works some times it doesn’t. We are fans of Pintrest and Youtube for some new creative ideas. As it was the school holidays we have plenty of time to paint,draw, glue,stamp and glitter items all day long. Hobbycraft and the works are our favourite shops we often pick up a canvas or some more materials if we running low.


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Back to School

Well, I don’t know about you but this year has flew by cant believe its September already. As a mum I mostly like to be prepared for things so it’s a little bit less stressful. This year I was a lot more prepared I ordered all of the uniform half way through the school holidays, check me out!. I often shop around for the uniform but this year I found the shirts and skirts are great from Sainsburys, the socks and tights are from Tesco, Gingham dress from Asda.  I brought some brilliant clear lunch boxes and bottles by Sistema from Tesco that goes neatly in their lunch bags.

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Baking Yummy Brownies

Well the summer holidays are coming to an end and there isnt much time left before back to school. We have had some lovely days over the summer from crafting to baking. Me and my Girls make this Yummy Chocolate Brownie recipe a lot as this is one of our favourite treats to make and its so easy. Once we have made this it’s not around for long!. I have tried a few brownie recipes but this one is my all time favourite and it turns out great every time. Which is amazing as I’m not the best cook.




You will need:

  • Some little helpers with clean hands and the following ingredients (please keep some extra spare as the children will eat the chocolate as they go and sometimes mummy does to hahaha)
  • some bowls, spoon, Someone with strong arms or handmixer, Square Brownie Tin lined with baking paper
  • 160g Dark Chocolate
  • 40g Milk Chocolate
  • 100g Unsalted Butter, soft
  • 250g Caster Sugar
  • 4 Medium free range eggs
  • 1 tsp of Vanilla Essence
  • 60g Plain Flour
  • 60g Cocoa Powder

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summer fun

in the summer we went to amazing places like rollerskating with my friend Fin and his brother called lou it was so much fun even though I fell over about 50 times but still we did enjoy it a lot because I never meet my friends in holidays because everyone is going to spain and things.  We went shoping with my auntie it was lots of fun I got summer dresses and chokers and cute bunny ears.  # love it and you can get all of items in H&M and primark. I am going to Disney wold in Florida soon I can not wait it is only in October soooooo close 

HAVE A Nice SUMMER!!!  1050711




Summer Holidays

So we are already half way through the summer holidays and we are enjoying every second. Although I am exhausted we have had some great late nights and sometimes very early mornings. Lately the girls have just started to have a lie in yes! bonus (going to be hard though when back into the routine of school). I would just like to take a moment and appreciate how my hubby, my children and myself appreciate the holidays we may not be going on any holidays this summer (we are going to Disney in october) but it’s just wonderful how you can just take time out from the mad rush of school. Every time the school holidays come along it just comes at the just the right time for the kids and for us. They need that much-needed break. It’s like we are on this super fast rollercoaster most of the year and my children are growing up so quickly its good to slow down a bit and just open my eyes. When we are having snuggly film nights I just stop and look at them and smile. Also being an only child myself I never knew what it was like to have a sister or brother. I love seeing my daughters growing up together yes of course they argue and fight but mostly they are pretty good together. I just love over hearing their conversation, I love how they hold hands when we walk the dog or how they give each a cuddle, how they laugh over the silliest of jokes, how they come up with great games to play together. I love those little moments that are the most important treasured moments.


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All about Jessie

My Girls have been asking for a dog for as long as I remember, I never really had any pets when I was younger so I always wanted a dog too. My husband’s family have all got dogs, even some rabbits and birds. So I thought we definitely need to start looking for a dog this year. I wanted to do it when the time was right for us and the new arrival. I had just finished working full-time I reduced my hours to part-time. When we booked our Cornwall trip last year I knew we would come home with a new dog. We looked at the pet shops around cornwall, looked online but nothing. As my sister-in-law has a cross between a cairn terrier and Norfolk terrier and she is such a lovely friendly small dog. I knew I wanted her part Cairn Terrier ( a little bit like Toto from the Wizard of Oz) and part something else. Everyone said when you see her you will just know. They was right.


Jessie 8 weeks old bringing her home

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Riding a Unicorn

So we are a few weeks into the summer holidays now and we have had a whale of a time so far, the rain wont bring us down! On the last day at school the year 6 leavers had a very emotional leavers assembly the songs and speeches was beautifully I’m getting all emotional now I’m sure me and my daughters will be an emotionally wreck when my eldest daughter leaves in a couple of years. So far the girls have enjoyed a sleep over at nannies, walks in the park, Hair cut and pamper day, playdate with friends, Sunday roast and Cinema treat for my birthday (Boss Baby was their choice). Then just last week we only went and had a ride on  a blinking unicorn..its not often you can say that! My girls was both mesmerised by the unicorn it actually put them at ease as they are a bit apprehensive when it comes to horses.



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Day at the Theatre

Well we had this planned for a while now but Hubby brought tickets a couple of months ago for us to go and see Dreamgirls at the savoy theatre in London. Even though the weather wasn’t as great as I would have liked  it did not stop us from having the best time ever. We didn’t get to London until about 3pm after hubby working half day, dropping the kids and Jessie off for a sleepover at Nanny’s and Grandad’s. They was very excited of course as they was planning a midnight feast. I helped them packed there little Trunki’s, they took some funny items from emoji pillows, there trusty cuddly animals (Rascal and Miss Mouse) that they have had since they where babies, Diary of wimpy kid books, clothes for all types of weather, skipping rope, Snap it (we love this game but Jessie has chewed most of the balls now) and Joke poo (yes that’s right joke dog poo!!). I hid a little chocolate heart treat in their bag too. Love giving them little surprises.


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